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  • What is MyPlaydoit?

    MyPlayDoIt is a popular web site built to change the gambling experience. The players will be play, buy, sharing information,  has a conversation with PlayDoIT players and more activities that you cannot imagine! Our goal is only you enjoy and be part to PlayDoIt.

    At PlayDoIt we consider wagering should be a social experience to be distributed to buddies.

    MyPlayDoit is the best platform that allows if you like to share bets and tips with your news friend. Even if you dont have experience with betting, MyPlayDoIt will help you if you follow the best players, and the chances of winning will be enhanced.   

  • Can I tag some friends and photos?

    In MyPlaydoit you can tag  all friends that you want. In  the option edit you can tag yours friends.

  • Can I hidden my comments and mentions?

    Yes, you can do it,  you can select the option “private” and nobody could see your photos, comments or videos. If someone with a private profile mentions someone who isn't one of their approved followers on a photo or video, the person mentioned will be able to see part of the comment in the You section ofActivity. They may get a push notification (if their notification settings are turned on), but won't be able to navigate through to the private photo or video.


  • How can I see my followers?

    You will find two buttoms for see your followers. The first one is on the left side (the statics buttoms). The second one is next to your image profile, just clicking and you will see yours followers. 

  • If I accidentally approved a follower, How do I get them to unfollow me?

    You can block someone to get them to stop following you. People aren't notified when you block them. 

  • How can I share my photo or information to another social network?

    When you finished to up some photo or video, there will see the options share to other networks like  Facebook, google +, twitter, etc.If someone with a private profile shares a photo or video to a social network using MyPlaydoit, the image will be visible on that network and the permalink will be active. In other words, the photo will be publicly accessible by anyone who has access to its direct link/URL

It's only gambling do it.

Casino Hold'em Online – Play Online for Free or Real Money

Casino Hold'em Online – Play Online for Free or Real Money

Posted on : 04 October 2016

Casino Hold’em is also known as Caribbean Hold’em was first introduced to casinos in 2000. The game is played in live casinos all over the world. Russia, Egypt, South Africa were the places which were firstly introduced.



That variation which makes Casino Hold’em a much more favorable game in terms of house edge though, so if you’re ever given the choice between playing Caribbean Hold’em and Casino Hold’em, absolutely choose the latter.



This game is based on the traditional multi-player Texas Hold’em but in Casino Hold’em you are playing against the house to a certain extent than next to other players. If the merchant qualifies, you are in a direct contest with the merchant’s hand. The game offers an AnteWin Bonus and you have option to put a side bet as fine.



How to take part in Casino Hold'em



The game begins with you (and any other players) building an Ante bet and/or an optional AA side bet. You and the merchant are then dealt two cards face down. The three community cards are deal to the table, recognized as the Flop. After read-through the cards deal with you, you require making a decision to also fold up your hand and lose your ante bet, or call by placing an extra bet double the size of your ante bet.



If you have called the merchant will contract two more community cards to the board, adding five cards. You and the merchant will then put jointly the best five-card poker hand from the two cards deal to you and the five on the board. Your hand then compares to the merchants.



The merchant must have at smallest amount a pair of fours or improved to meet the criteria.



  • If the merchant does not qualify the ante bet pays according to the ante pay table and the call bet is a push (there isn’t a win or lose).
  • If the merchant has qualified and your hand is stronger then the merchants, the ante bet pays according to the ante pay table and call bet pays 1:1.
  • If your hand is equal to the merchant’s all bets are pushed.


Fortunately, there is no simple way to count the best plan for this game. You can speak that the best plan player will raise 82% of the time. So only in the worst 18% of hands should the player fold? In general, these are when the player has two singletons in the hole that are low compare to the flop, with little or no possibility for an immediate or flush.



What makes Casino Hold’em special, however, is the view of profitable bonus payouts for creation big hands. Just like in a regular game of Texas Hold’em contested among players, you should be satisfied for farm hands like four of a kind or the straight flush, and Casino Hold’em makes sure you always are.



Perfect for players who love poker games online and blackjack, but are also looking for something new, Casino Hold’em provides a nonstop rush of action and excitement. And as a skill based game, you’ll be able to use your understanding of the game’s strategic elements to reduce the house edge.

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