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  • What is MyPlaydoit?

    MyPlayDoIt is a popular web site built to change the gambling experience. The players will be play, buy, sharing information,  has a conversation with PlayDoIT players and more activities that you cannot imagine! Our goal is only you enjoy and be part to PlayDoIt.

    At PlayDoIt we consider wagering should be a social experience to be distributed to buddies.

    MyPlayDoit is the best platform that allows if you like to share bets and tips with your news friend. Even if you dont have experience with betting, MyPlayDoIt will help you if you follow the best players, and the chances of winning will be enhanced.   

  • Can I tag some friends and photos?

    In MyPlaydoit you can tag  all friends that you want. In  the option edit you can tag yours friends.

  • Can I hidden my comments and mentions?

    Yes, you can do it,  you can select the option “private” and nobody could see your photos, comments or videos. If someone with a private profile mentions someone who isn't one of their approved followers on a photo or video, the person mentioned will be able to see part of the comment in the You section ofActivity. They may get a push notification (if their notification settings are turned on), but won't be able to navigate through to the private photo or video.


  • How can I see my followers?

    You will find two buttoms for see your followers. The first one is on the left side (the statics buttoms). The second one is next to your image profile, just clicking and you will see yours followers. 

  • If I accidentally approved a follower, How do I get them to unfollow me?

    You can block someone to get them to stop following you. People aren't notified when you block them. 

  • How can I share my photo or information to another social network?

    When you finished to up some photo or video, there will see the options share to other networks like  Facebook, google +, twitter, etc.If someone with a private profile shares a photo or video to a social network using MyPlaydoit, the image will be visible on that network and the permalink will be active. In other words, the photo will be publicly accessible by anyone who has access to its direct link/URL

It's only gambling do it.

Privacy Policy


Your privacy is essential to us. We developed our Data Policy  to make significant disclosures about how we gather and ways to utilize MyPlayDoIt to tell the others and may use info and your content. We encourage you to put it to use to enable you to make educated choices, also to see the Data Policy.

Even though we realize you love to share and talk about your bets along with friends , choose the public/private/friend  you will be free to share with anyone or only you! But why don't you share the happinies?

Issues info you and you do supply.
We gather the information as well as additional details which you supply when you utilize our Services, including reveal, and concept or when you register for an accounts, generate or talk to the others. This may contain advice including the positioning of the day or an image, in or in regards to the information you supply a record was made. In addition, we gather information

about how our Solutions are used by you, including the kinds of the regularity and length of your actions with or content you participate or see.

Your systems and contacts.
We gather details about organizations and individuals the manner in which you socialize together and you're linked to, like the people you communicate using the teams or the many you want to talk about with. In addition , we collect details you supply in the event that you add, sync or transfer this advice from a device.

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